The Franklin Nights

Our banjo player wrote the lyrics to this one based on an old Devonshire legend (with a modern twist) and we based the tune on Steve Gillette’s wonderful instrumental version of an even older song, the Erlking.  The introductory tune is  Irish: the Maids of Mitchelstown, and the devilish finale is the Glasgow Reel, sometimes known as Tam Lin.

Ril An Suaimhnis/Bad Moon Rising/The Copper Hills of Beara

Here’s a medley of stuff from the Globe open mic in Chagford. Ril An Suaimhnis is a Breton reel, whose title apparently means something like ‘tranquil reel’; we don’t play it too tranquilly, though. The song finishes with an Irish number called the Copper Hills of Beara. These 2 tunes are not traditional, but by Maire Ni Chathasaigh of l’Heritage des Celtes, and we got them from Dan Ar Braz’ CD “Finisterres”, where they are played by (among others) the composer  on harp, Sharon Shannon on accordion, and Donal Lunny on bouzouki. Then there’s Bad Moon Rising by the great Creedence Clearwater Revival. We make no claim to copyright on any of these fine numbers, all of which are owned by their owners (not us), who we hope consider imitation the finest form of flattery.

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