We’ve had some kind words about The Moorgrass Album from Here are some especially nice bits (or you can check out the entire review here):

“It’s always exciting, as well as reassuring, to discover a band that play their music simply for the pleasure of playing together and blending musical genres that they love and have a feel for. So it is with this tremendous four piece The Kestor Stringband. Old timey hillbilly music, blended with English folk music and with ‘real country music’ tying it all together. In fact, if you take those genres as a very loose starting point they are blended to such a degree that what this band plays is pretty much a unique sub genre of their own making and one that they call ‘Moorgrass,’ with that blend being completely seamless and only achievable by those who really ‘feel’ their music.

“This is certainly one of those all too few albums whose songs could easily be old tales that the 19th century immigrants took with them from Britain to America where they were developed and gradually absorbed into the nations consciousness. The musicians responsible have to possess a great depth of feeling for the music to achieve this, with it being almost impossible to do so through any premeditated contrivance.

“Ultimately this is an exceptional, high quality album of music that really does blend the basic generic fields of old English folk music and the strain of ‘country music’ that it would decades later segue into. There are varied textures, moods, tempos and experimentation that ensures their ‘moorgrass’ is always a genre of music that has plenty of depth. That this band is able to take 19th century and earlier music, blend in it’s early to mid 20th century off spring culminating with an album that is just as relevant in the 21st century shows the music I and many others love can still accept and thrive on further development. Tremendous album from a tremendous band!”

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